About Linc

Linc hardware and software enables real-time energy management in any building. It provides actionable insights and analytics to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions by up to 30%.

The Linc Team

We have been working together for over a decade! We studied together in Canada, raced a solar car across Australia, built eco-schools across Jordan, launched the EcoSwarm sustainability network in South America, and now we are building Linc in Denmark.

Meet the team

Pranay Krishen
Dan Rogers
Jimmy Tsu
CTO - Hardware
Afzaal Ameer
CTO - Software
Priyanka Krishen
CMO / Business Development

Our Story

Scroll through our history below!

  • 2015
  • Apr

    Linc wins €150,000 in Rome!

    The Linc team is accepted into the INCENSe acceleration program, winning €150,000 in seed capital and mentorship from industry leaders.

    INCENSe is backed by the leading EU energy companies Enel and Endesa as well as the leading accelerator in the EU, Accelerace.

    Each winner receives a grant of €150,000 without equity considerations and support services offered by INCENSe partners. These services include a six-month acceleration program, additional coaching sessions, tailored workshops on European funding programs, and access to testbeds in Spain (such as Smart City Málaga), Denmark (such as Next Step City Living Lab in Esbjerg) and Italy.

  • Feb

    Lavet i Danmark

    The Linc team turns an idea into a product in a matter of months with help from the Next Step Challenge.

    Linc becomes a reality with the world's first end-to-end solution for high resolution energy monitoring, at a fraction of the price of traditional smart meters.

    Linc Systems ApS is born and the entirety of the Linc product offering, from hardware to software is 100% Danish designed and manufactured. Linc partners with the leading utility in Southern Denmark, SE and begins trials in both residential and commercial settings.

  • Feb

    New Idea, New Challenge

    The team is selected from over 300 international contenders to participate in the Next Step Challenge.

    The team left South America at the end of 2014 after being accepted into the Next Step Challenge with a new idea, an energy management system for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

    The Next Step Challenge is the most ambitious entrepreneur prize and accelerator in Europe, providing seed capital and a chance to win 250,000 Euro. The Challenge provides mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry insiders. This mentorship accelerated the team faster than could ever be imagined, going from idea to prototype in one month.

  • 2013
  • Mar

    EcoSwarm Launches

    Afzaal & Priyanka join the team, launching EcoSwarm from South America

    Programming jedi Afzaal and marketing director Priyanka join the team and with their expertise, EcoSwarm is launched. EcoSwarm is the leading online sustainability community, connecting people, ideas and products to help develop a greener future.

    After leaving Jordan the team now calls Chile and Brazil home, participating in business accelerators in both countries and driving sustainability in South America.

  • 2011
  • May

    Sustainability in the Middle East

    Jimmy, Pranay and Dan move to the Middle East to foster sustainable development

    In 2011 three of the Linc founders moved to Amman, Jordan to work for the leading sustainability consultancy in the MENA region.

    During their two years there, the team lead an EcoSchools program with the help of Queen Rania, designed green buildings in the Emirates and integrated alternative energy solutions throughout the Middle East.

  • 2007
  • Oct

    Race Across the Outback

    The SunStang team races 3200km across the Australian Outback in the 2007 World Solar Challenge

    After two years of late nights and re-engineering, Pranay, Dan and Jimmy led the SunStang team to a Canadian victory in the 2007 World Solar Challenge.

    Every two years, universities and corporations meet in Darwin, Australia to show off the cutting edge in electric vehicle technology. Space grade solar cells combined with aerospace engineering and advanced battery technology is put to the test in a grueling five day, 3200km race through the heart of the Australian Outback.

  • 2005
  • Sep

    The team is born

    Dan, Pranay and Jimmy first meet in 2005 after enrolling in Engineering at Western University in Canada.

    Dan, Pranay and Jimmy became friends after joining the SunStang Solar Car Project at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. While studying Mechatronics Engineering the three went on to lead the SunStang team in the design and construction of a carbon fiber solar car capable of speeds over 100km/h on the power of the sun alone.

    The foundation of the Linc hardware was also built during this time. The team needed a way to remotely monitor and manage the power flow within the vehicle. The solution was a radio based power management unit developed from the ground up which would form the basis of Linc ten years later.